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The best Blogger Adsense friendly templates


Adsense friendly Blogger templates, Best SEO optimised Blogger templates, Best Blogger templates in 2019 for Adsense: From this page, discover the best Adsense friendly Blogger templates you should be using. We will elucidate as well on some of the key factors that we've used to make our choices of templates on this page.

The best Blogger Adsense friendly templates

There are many great blogger templates out there, are they are responsive as well as good for Google Adsense. But the big problem is the ease of implementing the Adsense ad units, especially for in-articles.  So, since the main goal of a blogger using the Blogger platform is to make money from their blog, it will be good having a good Adsense friendly Blogger template. Choosing a Blogger template which will ease the implementation of Google Adsense ad code and also offers a great SEO is always a big blow. In order to come to the rescue of blogger who would like to know what template to use, we have come out with a list of the best Blogger Adsense friendly templates we' ever come across.

From this page, discover the best Adsense friendly Blogger templates you should be using.  We will elucidate as well on some of the key factors that we've used to make our choices of templates on this page.

Characteristics of a good Adsense Blogger template.

Adsense optimisation is a great way to boost your click-through rate. And this is possible when you share quality contents and make a blog with original contents.  A good Adsense Blogger template should be optimised in such a way that there will be a  balance between Ads and content. Below we have listed some characteristics of a good Adsense Friendly blogger template.
  1. The template should be responsive and SEO optimised.
  2. Fast in loading
  3. Easy to customise and add other widgets.
  4. The UX(User experience) and the UI(user interface) should be good. It is no doubt a blogger template that has a good UI and offers a great UX will attract more audience. Since a huge audience will mean a boost in SEO, we can then expect a quick Adsense approval.

Top 5 Adsense friendly Blogger templates

1. MagOne - Responsive & Magazine Blogger template

MagOne - Responsive & Magazine Blogger template

The MagOne Blogger template is well known for its incredible design, and responsiveness. It is one of the few blogger templates with ready AMP support which is hard to find in most  Blogger templates or to even implement.

Just like Wordpress templates, the MagOne Blogger Responsive News and Magazine template comes with numerous demo layouts which can be installed in a click. Coupled with the ease to customise using shortcodes, it gives you the feeling you were on the Wordpress CMS. 

With the MagOne theme, editing can be done using a custom editor — SneeitSpot which was crafted to look like Wordpress editor, giving you the possibility of easily modifying layout width, editing menu, modifying posts settings and lot more.

Though a News and Magazine Template, the flexibility and layout make it suited for any type of blog(Multipurpose template).

We recommend this template because it is very responsive with lazy loading of content and SEO optimised. Adding ad units inside the blog post is as easy as on WordPress using with the help of a Plugin like Advanced Ads. With the MagOne Blogger template, you can place ads code inside the post body from the layout. You have the option of adding automatically three in-article Ads which will display in all your post.

That is not all. For longer post, if you thing just three ad banners will be small, you can choose to add more by simply using shortcodes
So, no need to copy codes and add manually especially if you have Adsense approved after you have about 100 articles! can't imagine the stress placing the codes manually!

2. SEO Boost - Adsense friendly Blogger template

SEO Boost - Adsense friendly Blogger template

Seo Boost Blogger Template is a minimal Blogspot theme, that lets you launch a fully functional simple blog site. Make your content look flawless with this specially designed theme and cleanest typography. The template is very flexible, easy for customising and well optimized, approaches for any topic like News Blog and professional use. 

It is as well an ideal template for creating a Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment websites. SEO Boost Blogger template is SEO-ready, responsive and provides a great platform to achieve super high search engine rankings for your website. The UI and UX are both great which ais a key factor for boosting readability.

The template has these features which makes it a good Adsense friendly template you should use;
  1. SEO friendly & responsive
  2. Ads ready
  3. Slideshow & social bookmark ready
  4. Email subscription
  5. Widget
  6. Page navigation
  7. Browser compatibility


3. Sport Mag

Sport Mag

Sports Mag is one of the Best and Unique Sports Blogger Template ever. With it, create your dream sports website for Sports like Soccer, Football, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Surfing, Boxing, Yoga, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, Athletics, Slalom, Golf, Volleyball and All king of Sports Events. The template is fully responsive, retina ready and has many powerful features. The content and readability are great which are obviously important for all website owners, and, of course, the theme is very optimized for better SEO results and high-speed guaranteed.

Sports Mag Blogger template comes with these stunning features;
  • Fully Responsive Design - Check
  • Fully SEO Optimized - Check
  • Mobile-Friendly Design - Check
  • Support Youtube thumbnail
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Auto resize thumbnail image
  • Tabbed Menu
  • Well Online Documentation
  • Random posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Threaded Comment
  • Multiple comment system
  • Recent Post By Label
  • Related posts support
  • Ads Ready
  • Auto Author Image
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Custom Error 404 Page
  • Blogger news templates
  • Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)
  • Professional admin layout, help you easy work with blog layout.

4. SEO Rocket

Seo Rocket Blogger Template is a minimal looking, simple Blogspot theme. It is an SEO ready and fast loading template, that has a fully responsive layout, which fits any screen or device, whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it will carry its feature full design on every platform with ease. 

The template is a multipurpose theme and can be used for almost any kind of blog but it is best suitable for niche blogs, tech, news, blog, magazine, daily blogs, food blogs, authority and best for event blogs.  Also, SEO Rocket Blogger template is perfect for Personal Bloggers, Magazine, Shop websites. But also can be used for girly blogs, flower shop, decoration, makeup, handcrafted items, travel etc.  

It comes in super clean colour combination with a white colour background that will make your content more and more presentable to your readers.  Simple, Fast Loading, Responsive, Seo Ready, Adapted From WordPress, Ads Ready, Retina Ready, Drop Down Menu, Social Bookmark Ready, Page Navigation Menu, Post Thumbnails, Clean, Browser Compatibility, White,  3 Columns, Elegant,  Stylish, Free Premium, Slideshow, Fashion, 3 Columns Footer, White.

It's key features include;
  1. Meta tags
  2. Perfect On-page SEO
  3. Clean cache
  4. Perfect page speed
  5. Clean code
  6. Responsive design

5. Shouters 

Shouters Adsense friendly blogger template

Shouters Blogger Template is a professional-looking amazing Blogspot theme with features that can help you to establish a blog on any niche.  Best suited for sites that deliver news about Technology, Fashion, Sports, Video, Healthy, Travel, etc. It is a highly optimized theme with great SEO and perfectly balanced design that fits any screen or device with ease. Loaded with various types of recent post widgets and fully featured hero area into header it creates a base to develop a professional blog. The homepages provide you with an opportunity to connect with your visitors and tell them to subscribe with a stylish looking email subscription widget. 

With shouters best AdSense friendly Blogger template transform your imagination into something really big and earn some good cash.  The template is Ads-ready and easy to customise. Using it, you should be able to create a stunning blog with a balance of Ads and contents.

Some of the key features of the Shouters Blogger Adsense friendly Blogger template are listed below;
  • It is responsive and SEO ready
  • Fast loading
  • Clean layout
  • HTML & CSS3
  • Browser compatibility
  • Simple used mainly for blogging purposes
  • Magazine blogger template
  • Ads ready

Which template version to choose?

We have provided you with the link for the demos for all our best picked Adsense friendly Blogger templates. You can find the download link for the free version as well as the premium version. If you are asking yourself what version to get, then it is very obvious — The premium version. Below are some of the advantages of using a premium template.
  1. With premium templates, you will benefit from more features and can customise further the template. Contrary to free versions of most templates which restrict customisation of certain features, premium versions offer you no limit to how you can tweak the template.
  2. You can remove the footer credit of the template developer and put yours.
  3. You benefit from regular updates.
  4. Ready customer support in case you have any issues.

The bottom line

Our special picked Adsense friendly Blogger templates may not be the very best for you, but we are confident of how good the templates we have listed above are. Adsense and SEO work hand in glove. As a result, having an SEO optimised Blogger template with great responsiveness is the key toward gaining quality traffic and thus upsurge your chances of getting Adsense. Since your earnings are as good as the amount of traffic you get, using an SEO optimised template should be your choice of template when starting a blog.

Not satisfied with the choices of templates we have made? Why not contribute by telling us which Blogger template is best suited for Adsense? Make use of the comment box!


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237 Solution: The best Blogger Adsense friendly templates
The best Blogger Adsense friendly templates
Adsense friendly Blogger templates, Best SEO optimised Blogger templates, Best Blogger templates in 2019 for Adsense: From this page, discover the best Adsense friendly Blogger templates you should be using. We will elucidate as well on some of the key factors that we've used to make our choices of templates on this page.
237 Solution
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