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Hot! Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime


Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime. Go through the list of paid apps we have below and download the one of your interest. The apps and games are both the original versions(not Mods).

Hot! Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime

Its been a while since we shared with you some free Android apps and games you could download for free. The last roundup we shared was limited to a given time period. As for today's roundup, we are going to share with you 6 paid Android apps and games.

Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime. Go through the list of paid apps we have below and download the one of your interest. The apps and games are both the original versions(not Mods).

Before downloading any of these apps, bear in mind that some may come with in-app purchase. As such, you may have to pay to enjoy some special services. But what is also good is that paid Android apps(pro versions) usually come with more features and are ad-free.

6 paid Android apps and games now free 

We have grouped the applications into apps and games. The apps you will find on this page include Icon Packs and other Android utilities. Take a look at the apps and games below and find out if your dream app is amongst.

1. Paid Android apps now free to download anytime

Download these 4 paid Android apps for free. The apps you will find here are currently on sale on the Google Play Store. Sales are usually for a short time period. So, what we do is download the apps then extract and share with you. As such, you can download them for free anytime you visit this page.

Fabulous Icon Pack(Normally $0.96)

Fabulous Icon Pack(Normally $0.96)


Fabulous Icon Pack: follows Material Guidelines to the best of its abilities.
Embrace the latest icon pack and make the switch today. Fabulous applies the new look and feel of paper and ink to all of your favourite apps and games and brings new life into your home screen.
This is the BETA version and hence has only 882 Icons for now. Make sure to rate its quality and not the number of icons. This pack needs your support.

- Includes 1120 icons (192x192 xxxhdpi)
- Wallpapers
- Wallpaper Cloud
- Regular Updates
- Dynamic Calendar
- Quick-apply cards for numerous launchers
- Tablet Layouts


  • - Action
  • - ADW
  • - Apex
  • - Arrow
  • - Asus
  • - Aviate
  • - Blackberry Launcher
  • - CM Theme Chooser
  • - Everything me
  • - Go
  • - Holo
  • - Holo HD
  • - Launchy Widget
  • - Lens Launcher
  • - Lightning Launcher
  • - Microsoft
  • - Mini
  • - Next
  • - Nova
  • - Smart
  • - Z Launcher
  • - Hope to works well with many others.
NOTE: Please if any of the Launcher other than above mention works fine mail me with the email subject SUPPORTED LAUNCHER to help me enlist them in the description.

Subnet Calculator(Normally $1.49)

Subnet Calculator(Normally $1.49)

A powerful IP Subnet and FLSM calculator for network administrators.

This is a great tool for networking students as well as the network administrators or network engineers who are working towards their certifications such as, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCIE etc.

Solves any question by Subnet mask, Subnet mask bits, Bits per subnet, Hosts per subnet, Number of subnets. This app contains examples and shows network ranges and more information about.


  • ★ No additional special permissions required.
  • ★ No Internet connection required.
  • ★ No ads.
  • ★ Symbolic price.

Greeting Photo Editor - Photo frame and Wishes app pro(Normally $3.03)

Make stunning photo greetings, photo frames, quotes photo frame, wallpaper photo frame, text on image cards, ecards & many things to do more.

This is a must-have free 'text on image' or 'photo on image' editor app for all occasions & purpose! It's complete fun to use. Unlimited greeting cards for all occasions, a huge collection of quote images, all categories wallpapers, photo frame, text editor, paintbrush and eraser, smileys and emojis, stickers, wish images, different fonts, colours & more.

Create amazing photo frames all types, photo frame quotes, photo frame widget, photo frame rose, photo frame all in one, photo frame all types, photo frame 2019 new, photo frame birthday, photo frame happy birthday, photo frame good morning, photo frame name, photo frame garden, greetings photo editor, photo frame love and all occasions photo frames free.

Sharing free ecards, wishes and greetings are easy with this app. Share greetings for all occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Good morning, Goodnight, Good evening, Stay in touch, Engagement, Wedding, Baptism & Christening, Care and Concern, Appreciation, Confirmation, Congratulations, Encouragement, First communion, Friendship, Get Well, Good Luck, Graduation, Love, Miss You, New Baby, Retirement, Sympathy, Thank You, Thinking of You, Sorry, See you, Happy Journey etc with this all-occasion wishes app with name and photo.

Love photo frame & text editor, love wish app, love greeting card, love wishes for husband, goodnight love wishes, birthday love wishes app, love quotes with images, love cards app, love quote app, love quotation app, propose images, miss you cards, love card app, love you cards, love quotes in English, love images for WhatsApp, miss you images, I love you images, I love you wallpaper

You can use this photo greeting card maker to paste the photo on an image or add photos on image and make beautiful photo greeting cards all occasions free. Use this photo editor on image to create pic on the card, photo text on the image, photo on the card, add photo on the image, text on card, birthday photo greeting card, greeting card photo editor, greeting photo maker, photo greetings app.

Give your cards a personal touch with your own text on the image with stylish fonts. A text on images app to write text on pictures, text on image and photos, text on photo with font and style, text on pics write on photos. Create beautiful layouts with this text on the photo editor or text on pic app.

Explore variety of quotes images in all categories, wisdom quotes, inspiring quotes, everyday quotes, sarcastic quotes, funny quotes, breakup quotes, Buddha quotes, Osho quotes, Zen quotes, wish quotes, hate quotes, loyalty quotes, life quotes, love quotes, night quotes, image quotes maker, pic quotes, best quotes ever, quotes app in English, quotes and status, quote image-maker, proverbs & sayings, all images quote, quote image search

This greetings cards making app has cards for New Year's Day, Epiphany, St. Patrick's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Mother's Day, Armed Forces Day, Eid ul Fitr, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Grandparents day, Rosh Hashanah, National Boss Day, Sweetest Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Passover, Nurses Day, Holiday cards & all season's greetings.

Please leave us your ratings|reviews at Google Play. It tremendously helps our 3 member team to stay motivated!

Mellow Icon pack(Normally $$1.62)

Mellow Icon pack(Normally $$1.62)

You will need to install a third-party launcher in order to use this icon pack. Supported launchers can be found inside the app "Apply section".

  • #Long Time Support
  • Around 3.200+ Icons and The main theme is shapeless dark-coloured freestyle icons with vector based and step-by-step each icon are made carefully.
  • # Dynamic Calendar Supported
  • # Lots of Cloud Base Wallpaper
  • # Scrollable Wallpaper Options when applied
  • # Apply 24 Launcher (Some of Manually)
  • # Smart Icon Request Section
  • # See & Search all icons included with the icon name
  • # Muzei Live Wallpaper support
  • # Material App UI by Dani Mahardhika

2. Paid Android games to you can download for free anytime

This section comprises of 2 paid games which you can download for free anytime you visit this page. 

Defender Battle: Hero Kingdom Wars - Strategy Game Premium(Normally $0.26)

Defender Battle Premium offers you:
  1. Free 200 diamonds.
  2. Free 100 Viking souls
  3. Free 100 Tree Warrior souls
  4. Free 100 Fire souls
  5. No interstitial ads.
The Kingdom of Arthur was invaded by dark forces and demons. The war breaks out everywhere in the kingdom. Dark magic was a separate kingdom into many different lands and dominated by devils.

Only powerful heroes, the warriors with ancient magical powers and the best tactics can save the kingdom. The army of kingdom will have to fight the monster, zombie, orc or the devils come from demon kingdom.

Build your army and make your empire to defend your kingdom from evil attacks. Upgrade your castle before the kingdom sinks into the dark. Are you ready to join the battles in Realm Battle: Rival Kingdoms?

▶The best strategy game
Defender Battle: Heroes War is a perfect combination of a war strategy game and a role-playing game. You will build your army by summoning soldiers and heroes to fight in battles. Besides that, you can also control your hero to lead his army to victory. You will learn how to become a warrior, summon reinforcements, how to command your troops, recruit elven warriors, face legendary monsters, how to use resources to build a kingdom and how to win a battle. Your once great kingdom now fights for its life against a scourge of mighty monsters! Are you ready?

▶ Upgrade, Defense, and Magic
As a tower defense strategy game, Realm Battle have tactics in every part of the game.
Upgrade your kingdom rush and army in different ways to create the best tactics. Defend your castle by summoning elves and royal troops to keep monsters from touching your castle. Use ancient magic to help your troops get stronger, ancient spells and soul stones help you win the toughest battles.

▶ Legendary hero and allied kingdom
Defender Battle: Heroes War is unique in comparison to other strategy games, Realm Battle will bring you the experience of a role-playing game in a strategy game. You can control your legendary heroes, move and use skills and also summon troops, command your army to win battles. In Defender Battle: Heroes War you will be supported by the allied kingdom. The warriors from the human kingdom with resilience and ability to use tactics, from elf kingdom with the best archers and the warriors with ancient power, element kingdom with mysterious power and powerful spells. All that makes a great strategy game.

▶ Battle million other players
The PVP system is a new feature of Defender Battle: Heroes War. You can show your power to your friends or millions of other players around the world. Where you show the strength of your kingdom and receive rewards.

Game Features:

  • ★ Epic defense battles with a combination of RPG and strategy game.
  • ★ The military system with 100+ different types of enemy and 60 different challenges.
  • ★ You control the action! Activate Heroes’ skills.
  • ★ Command your soldiers and see them engage in hand to hand fantasy cartoon battles!
  • ★ Multiple worlds to play with 3 kingdoms and 25 different soldiers from Viking, assassin, archer to demon hunter. 
  • ★ Over 40 different enemies, from goblins to evil dragon each with their own skills!
  • ★ 7 heroes from Human kingdom, Elven kingdom and Element kingdom. Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!
  • ★ Huge variety of enemies offer multiple challenges: Burn your enemy, freeze, stun, poison, slow and more skill from your items to cast in battle.
  • ★ PVP mode: Where you can fight with other players around the world.

Trigono - Geometric brain boiling adventure(Normally $0.99)

Avoid the red, or you explode. The good thing is you have an unlimited number of lives in this game. If you made a mistake – just restart a level.

Trigono cannot stand still and always moving because he is scared. Don't worry; first levels are explicitly made to teach you to reverse and jump.

There are 2 buttons in this game!
Tap the left side of the screen to switch the direction.
Tap the right side of the screen to jump on another edge.
You are the little Trigono who wants to survive in hazardous triangle world.
Controls are unusual but straightforward. It feels like learning to eat with chopsticks: confusing at first but after some time pretty interesting.

In the game you will dodge from red triangles, moving walls, burning lasers and flying comets. Stay calm no matter what, and you will surely succeed.
Just don't give up!

This game requires 100% of attention and memory concentration: one little distraction and Trigono dead. After a while, you will be amazed by your progress, and your friends won't believe it's possible.


  1. Concours ENSAI de Ngaoundéré 2021-2022

  2. ENSAI 2021-2022 Competitive Entrance Examination

  3. Concours ESSEC de l’Université de Douala 2021-2022

  4. ESSEC Competitive entrance examination 2021-2022

  5. National Competitive Internship Examination 2021-2022

  6. National qualifying examination for medical training in Cameroon2021-2022

  7. Examen National d’Internat au Cameroun 2021-2022

  8. Examen National d’Aptitude à la Formation Médicale au Cameroun 2021-2022

  9. Examen National de Synthèse Clinique et Thérapeutique de la Formation Médicale 2021-2022

  10. Concours ENS Bertoua 2021-2022 1st and 2nd cycles
  11. Arrêté Concours ENS de Maroua 2021 1ère année du 2nd Cycle

  12. Concours ENSET Ebolowa 2021-2021 1st & 2nd cycles

  13. Arrêté ENS de Bertoua 2021-2022 1ère Année Du 1ère Cycle

  14. Arrêté Concours ENSET d’Ebolowa 2021-2022 1ère année du 2nd cycle

  15. Arrêté Concours ENSET d’Ebolowa 2021-2022 1ère année du 1er cycle

  16. Arrêté Concours ENSET 2021-2022 1ère année du 2nd cycle.

  17. HTTTC ENSET Kumba Entrance Exam 2021-2022 Year One 1st Cycle

  18. Arrêté Concours ENSET Kumba 2021 -2022 1ère année du 2nd cycle.

  19. Calendrier officiel des concours au Cameroun 2021-2022

  20. Concours NASLA de Buea 2021-2022

  21. Concours EAMAC Session 2021 -2022

  22. Arrêté ENS Bambili 2021-2022 1er année 1er cycle

  23. HTTC ENS Bambili Entrance Exam 2021-2022 year one First Cycle

  24. HTTTC ENSET Kumba Entrance Exam 2021-2022 Year One 2nd Cycle

  25. Arrêté Concours ENSET Kumba 2021-2022 1ère année du 1er cycle

  26. ARRÊTÉS Concours ENS Yaoundé 2021 1ère Année du 1ère cycle

  27. ARRÊTÉS CONCOURS ENS Yaoundé 2021 1ère Année du Second cycle

  28. Arrêté Concours ENS de Maroua 2021 1ère année du 1er Cycle

  29. Arrêté ENS de Bertoua 2021 – 1ère Année Du 2nd Cycle

  30. Concours ENIET 2021 Cameroun: Recrutement de 5600 Élèves
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237 Solution: Hot! Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime
Hot! Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime
Download these 6 paid Android apps and games for free anytime. Go through the list of paid apps we have below and download the one of your interest. The apps and games are both the original versions(not Mods).
237 Solution
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